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The opposite of love


The opposite of love

is not hate

they reside in each others proximity

one gives, the other yearns

springing from the same source

headed for the same destination

still connected to something


the opposite of love

is cold and distant

knows no hope

is a common enemy

heading nowhere

an erased memory

and merely a glimpse 

of nothingness

the opposite of love

is indifference


– dooo

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I can still taste your voice in my head

as your finger tips echo on my skin

it remembers your mouth

touching my soul

transcending my senses

flowing into 

a kaleidoscope 

of vibrant colours

and melting shapes


I can still taste your vibe on my body

as the traces of you erase my thoughts

opening the heart

liquefying the mind

and awakening the soul

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Collateral damage


I found an ally

on a quest for belonging

a lifetime of bliss

followed by an eternity 

of misunderstanding

we found ourselves



and finally 


wanting the other 

to be the enemy

when all we had to say was

thank you

it may not be with you


I belong now



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A stranger looked at me intensely

“did it hurt?”

I was about to say something real

and then he said

“when you fell out of heaven?”


– dooo

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mirror | mirror


I looked in the mirror

for the very first time

I looked not at my face

I looked not at my flaws

I did not find a trace

of my body

of my ugly

of my beauty

of my age

of my pride

of my shame


I looked through me

and beyond me

and all that remained

was me


– dooo

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I will



my child

I will


hold you

for as long as you

want me to

I will let you

be you

and not try to

mold you

as if I

created you



– dooo

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I thought it was romantic

your outrage when I smiled at someone

I thought it was outrage

your insecurity when I was exposed to others

I thought it was insecurity

your fragility when I was out of sight

I thought it was fragile

your agression when you thought I would leave

I thought it was aggression

your fear that you wouldn’t be enough

I thought it was fear

your struggling to love me

I thought it was love

you yelling apologies at me

I thought it was an apology

when it was an excuse

for me, most of all

to love you



– dooo

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I will raise you

to be the kind of man 

my father tried to be


– dooo


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In the beginning

we worship

we sculpt mirages

of and for each other

that no one could live up to

then blame the other 

for being human

and call it love


– dooo

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When she cut

in front of me

I said

no worries,

I have time

she looked at me

shook her head

and said

such a luxury


– dooo

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